Wednesday, 18 December 2013

New LOTR Nightblooming hairstick!

In the Long Hair Community we have this swap twice a year (Winter and Summer), and if we participate, we send a gift (mostly hair-related) to an assigned giftee and we receive another one from our secret gifter (like Secret Santa, but twice a year).
Well, I received my gift a couple of years ago, and it included this gorgeous LOTR-themed hairstick handmade by my very talented and lovely gifter, Nightshade (from Nightblooming in Etsy):

It's delightfully nerdy, really, really beautifully made, and it holds my hair great (curvy sticks a a huge yes when it comes to straight slippery fine hair such as mine).

Action shots! 

This is my pre-wash dry-shampooed texturized hair in a cinnamon bun. It held like a rock all day (I wore my hair in a ponytail with an elastic, but usually I also need a handful of pins or a couple of little claw clips to fully secure my buns with other sticks).

And this is my post-wash slippery hair in a flipped-up bun (one of my favourite updos), and the stick still holds wonderfully! I only needed a couple of little claw clips to fully secure the bun, just to be safe, because it was holding pretty well on its own.


  1. Wow, that stick is amazing! And slippery hair is cool, so shiny as always! :D

    1. Thank you :) It's cool until styles start not to hold well, though :D

  2. Ah, but styles don't hold well on me too! Now I just use buns held with claw clips, I really need too because it divides the weight, it's not the hair that is heavy, its just tender scalp, specially in my cowlick zone...
    You are welcome Ríona! :D

    1. I always use two or three small claw clips (and a liberal amount of simple/curvy bobby pins as well, sometimes!) to secure most styles with sticks and forks, too. Curvy sticks like this one hold much better, though :)