Friday, 6 April 2018

LHC Winter Swap 2017 :)

This awesome box arrived yesterday (after more than a month fighting with customs, alas) from fellow Long Hair Community member PixieP, as part of our annual Winter swap :) So today's post is basically a pic spam about all the awesomeness she got me xD And because we share fandom likes, she got me geeky stuff as well as hair stuff :D <3

Non-hair-wise, there were Norwegian chocolates, arm-warmers, a pair of Elven prosthetic ears (that will come in handy because I'm actually Elven-cosplaying this weekend :D), make-up stuff in lovely greens and blues and gold, a feminist poster she wrote <3, a lovely Moon necklace, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw (go Gryffinclaws :D!) bookmarks (now featured in the HP area of my bookcase), and my first ever Funko, a Star Trek Beyond Spock :D  He's now happily - I mean, logically xD - settled in the Star Trek+Star Wars area of my bookcase ^^


Hairwise, there's Argan oil, which I've never used on my hair before, excited to see how my hair feels about it ^^ 

A red paranda with leftover yarn (how did she know I was thinking about making a red paranda, but was too busy (and lazy) to do it xDD?)

A lovely leafy tiara/hairband, which I'm totally going to use for Elven cosplays ^^ 

Two gorgeous fakkares in gold and silver <3 I didn't have any and they seem to hold my hair really well!

Will post action shots asap! Thinking of wearing the leafy circlet this Sunday as part of my Lúthien cosplay, alongside the ears, and looking forward to properly trying the fakkares and paranda ^^

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