Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Haircare video - Night routine

   Not very good lighting or framing for this one, but here's a video about my detangling + brushing + braiding night routine :)  I always finger-detangle instead of using combs or brushes (at night and in the morning), and then smooth the hair out with a gentle baby-brush. Sleeping with loose hair means tnagled and hazard xD, so I always wear a loose three-strand braid, which for me is comfy and hair-friendly.

SwordWomanRiona / rionashairblog.blogspot.com.es

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  1. Very nice video, even if you think the quality was not optimum still sufficient . As always thank you for promoting long hair, and for educating and inspiring!

  2. Ah so that's how finger combing is done: oops! Did this the hard way lol. Too many fingers pulling a great clump of hair is definitely not the way to finger comb hair. Still learning... Thanks for sharing your video.