Saturday, 16 January 2016

Texture - Bandanna waves/rag curls and cocoon curls

Another kind of heatless waves/curls that I love, alongside bendy rollers curls and braidwaves, are bandanna waves (also called rag curls). This is the first method that I learned, but I usually go for this one.

For all my heatless texture experiments I either start with post-shower damp hair or spray my ends and length with some water. The latter option sometimes dries out my hair, so I usually go for the former (post-shower nearly-dry, still a bit damp hair).  When I do rag curls I usually just use one piece of soft cloth and, with the rest of my hair braided, I curl my ends and half my length (this results in S-curls for the ends and softer braidwaves up my length). Other option is doing the same but without braiding the rest of my hair (straight hair evolving into the waves created by the bandannas/rags). And sometimes I'll do smaller sections with 2-3 pieces of cloth and go a bir further up my length, which results in smaller, tighter and flufflier curls for me.

Pics (these are from a few years ago, when I was around classic length):

-Straight hair on top (no added texture), bandanna waves in the ends and rest of the length:

-Braidwaves and bandanna waves in the ends:

-Flufflier and tighter curls as a result of using 2-3 rags instead of one:

And, to finish, my one and only attempt at cocoon curls, which I found more demanding and turned out in varying states of curliness xD:

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  1. The curl styles are just extremely romantic looking...proving one can be a sword woman AND a very feminine lady. Thanks for educating and inspiring!

    1. That is because such things as a person's sex, gender, physical appearance and societal constructs of 'femininity' and 'masculinity' are quite irrelevant when it comes to bad*ssery ;)

      Thanks :)!