Thursday, 10 December 2015

Texture - Braidwaves

Today's post is a pic overload of heatless braidwaves, from 2011 to now. I generally get the most defined braidwaves when braiding my mostly-dry post-shower hair (with or without a paranda) and wearing the braid overnight. My hair, being so straight and stubborn about texture, usually doesn't keep them defined for long, but loose waves usually  stay for the day.  

These braidwaves were mostly achieved with a simple three-strand, but any kind of braid goes, from French/Dutch-braiding (with these you get more waves in the crown area), to rope-braiding, multi-braiding (I'll leave that for another post) or other kind of braids. 

Also, for a full wavy look, I'd recommend taking the tassel into account, which can be something easily forgotten - I'm often lazy and then end up with braidwaves in my length and pin-straight ends, and I personally don't like that look on me that much xD. One option is to braid all the way to the ends, leaving the shortest tassel possible; another  option is to use a paranda that's longer than your hair so that all the ends are braided in. Other kind of heatless curls can also be used on the ends: I usually use bendy rollers or rag curl my ends, keeping the rest of the hair in the braid. 


-Cosplay braidwaves. Braidwaves with bendy roller curls on the ends:

Non-cosplay braidwaves with bendy roller curls on the ends:

-French braid braidwaves with pin-straight ends (xD):


-Tight braidwaves from multi-braided hairstyle (Celtic-inspired style with lots of small three-strand braids):

The central multibraid resulted in crimpled braidwaves:

-Very loose braidwaves:

-Once again, braidwaves with straight ends (out of the frame in the first pair of pics):

-Here I tried to leave the shortest tassel possible, so the ends also got some texture:

-Braidwaves with rag curl ends:

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  1. As always, thank you for educating and inspiring. You have magical hair...and your efforts to grow and maintain it show much success. ♥