Friday, 23 January 2015

New hairsticks: Gimli axe stick and Eaduard acrylic

Got two new hairsticks during the Yule period, so I thought I'd post them here :)

I've wanted to give acrylic sticks a try for a while now, so, enabled by an LHC hair swap, I got my first one. It's a gorgeous purple and blue Eaduard stick (, and it works really well for me:

Acrylic Eaduard stick in a cinnamon bun. I don't know where the blue lighting comes from, but it sorts of fits the stick's coloration xD
 The second one I got as a gift, and it's a total beauty and makes you look awesomely badass when wearing it. It's from AKCWoodworking on Etsy (, a Gimli axe wooden hairstick. As a tolkienite and a swordswoman, I'm mightily pleased :D!

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