Sunday, 1 December 2013

Game of Thrones hairstyles: Catelyn's rope-braided half-up

   I loved all the hairstyles in HBO's Game of Thrones series. Hopefully, all those braids will inspire me to practise!

   This is Catelyn's first style in the series, as seen in the first episodes of season 1 (she also wears it in episode 9). It's an easy style, basically a couple of rope braids as a half-up. Here's my classification of Catelyn's hair (I'm still working in guessing hairtyping correctly, especially when it comes to strand type, so it's all open to changes and suggestions) and the analysis of the hairstyle.  All reference pictures are credited in the link shown in the slides:

   This is my recreation of Catelyn's rope braided half-up. When it comes to recreation, I try to imitate the texture too, so I French-braided my post-shower damp hair with a paranda and kept it like that for a couple of days to get some braidwaves. I got some reasonably defined S-waves, but to get Catelyn's waves I think I should rather try bandanna waves or something that'd give bigger waves. My hair's doesn't get wavy/curly easily, so recreating wavy/curly hairstyles is going to be tricky, but I'll keep trying! 

The rest consisted of sectioning a front section of hair at each side of my face and rope-braiding them (if you don't know how to rope-braid, try this, for example:, trying to keep the style a bit messy and loose, especially when tying the braids back, as Catelyn seems to favour loose, windswept messy styles with face-framing layers, and half-ups that loop loosely over her ears (I had my side bangs framing my face, as Catelyn, but you can't see that in the pics). Fine straight hair won't look the same as Catelyn's coarser, more texturized wavy hair, of course, so it doesn't look nearly as windswept-messy as hers...Maybe I should use aloe-vera gel as a way to texturize my hair a bit more next time.

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  1. Hey, you've got an entry! :)

    I like your variation of the style.

  2. It is extremely simple but also extremely elegant! And something I can do with my lenght of hair as well. Wonderful!

  3. Very pretty! Your length is so impressive! I'll be following your blog :)

  4. I love that half up style. I think it's the one hairstyle that I look my best in! It gives some volume at the sides of my face. Your hair looks amazing as usual! /Lize :)